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Each sled can carry 2 to 3 people (strict rule of 350 lbs). During each tour you will experience a scenic route around the mountains of Coalville, Utah (only a 25 minute drive from Park City). The best part of all, you will have the chance to meet our amazing sled dogs! Kids must be AT LEAST 3 years old to go on a dog sled tour. 

1 Hour Tour

Great for kids and people 3 years old and older. The 1 hour tour is our most popular ride. 

2 Hour Tour

If you'd like to learn how to harness the dogs and learn about mushing, the 2 hour tour is the best fit for you.

Half Day Tour

Includes harnessing and unharnessing the dogs,  a longer dog sled tour, and lunch.  The experience is around 3 to 3.5 hours.

Tour Times

9:00 am

11:00 am

1:00 pm

3:00 pm

Monday-Saturday (closed Sundays)

All cancellations within 48 hours of the tour will be charged the full amount!! This includes no-shows.

If you don't have a car to get to
us we recommend using a private transportation service!
We recommend these 3 taxi companies.

888-868-6546 (Mountain Limousine)
800-649-8294  (Day Trips)
435-655-5644 (Kevin Ellis)
801-631-1245 (Happy To Come Get You)

***Uber & Lyft aren't reliable
and many people have missed their dog sled experience using them

We recommend a minimum of a 15% TIP for each mushers!  They work very hard! 

Suggested tip options are provided for your convenience!

A 2 person sled/1 HR Tour = $400

       15% - $60.00

       18%- $72.00

       20%- $80.00

A 3 person sled/1 HR tour = $450

We start with a 15% minimum tip on groups with 3 or more sleds. 

We can run up to 5 sleds at a time!

Located in Coalville, UT. 


Have you ever dreamed of channeling dog sledders from Jack London’s Call of the Wild? You don’t have to go to Alaska to get the full experience — you can get it right here in Utah! Book your dog sled tour with Bear Ridge Adventures, just 25 minutes from Park City.

In Utah, residents and vacationers expect skiing, skating and snowshoeing in the winter, but dog sled adventures are the kind of winter activity you can’t get just anywhere. That’s because you need more than snow — you need a trained team of dogs and expert mushers to drive them.

At Bear Ridge Adventures, we offer several dog sledding tour options to meet our clients’ expectations: one-hour tours, two-hour tours and half-day tours.

Many local residents and vacationers from Park City want to bring their children on a dog sledding tour, and for good reason. Dog sledding is a truly memorable experience — so much more exciting than a museum or the aquarium. Kids love interacting with the huskies, and our all our dogs are friendly. We recommend one-hour tours for families with children; children must be at least 3 to ride on our dog sleds.

If you have teens or you and your traveling companions are up for an extra dose of adventure, book a two-hour tour. On these longer tours, you’ll get to interact more with the dogs, learning about their diets, behavior and training. You’ll also get to help harness and unharness them.

On our half-day tours, you’ll get to experience even more of Utah’s great beauty from a unique vantage point — a sled! Enjoy lunch in the heart of the Wasatch Back, then hop back on your dog sled for the ride back.

Book the dog sledding tour that’s right for you today!

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