2 People  = $295 + tip 

3 People = $365 + tip

Options for 3 people:

1 Adult, 2 Children 

2 Adults, 1 Child 

(If the child is older than 10yrs they will be considered an adult)

Kids needs to be AT LEAST 3 years old to go on ride


This is our most popular ride for people of all ages! Take a ride through beautiful untouched mountains. Each sled will have a guide to help teach you about dogsledding and give you a unique experience.

Apparel: Wear snow pants, boots, hats, and coats. If you don't have snow pants just double layer and make sure you will be warm. Snow googles (optional) although they would be beneficial to have if it's windy or snowy outside.  

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1 Hour tour

We recommend a minimum of a 15% TIP for our mushers! That is roughly $50 for your musher (per sled). They work very hard! 

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