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All our dog sled adventures are fabulous, but our one-hour tours are the most popular. Many residents and tourists from Park City have dog sledding on their bucket list, and the staff at Bear Ridge Adventures makes sure you have the time of your life.

Dog sledding has long been a sport as well as a mode of transportation in Alaska. But you don’t have to travel all the way to the 49th state to get the dog sled experience you’re looking for — you can get it right here in Utah. We’re only about 25 minutes from Park City, and as long as there is snow, there will be dog sledding.

Dog sledding gives you an amazing view of the Wasatch Back, which you can take in either sitting on the front of the sled or standing on the back. You can even switch positions halfway through the dog sled tour if you want. And don’t worry, you don’t have to drive — our experienced mushers take the reins on all our dog sledding tours.

You’ll also get the chance to meet the beautiful huskies that will be pulling your sled. These amazing animals are so strong, loyal and they have incredible endurance. Enjoy the crisp, Utah winter air and the bright sunshine as your dog sled team pulls you along winding trails between mountain ranges.

Book your one-hour dog sledding tour with Bear Ridge Adventures today.

1 Hour tour

2 People/sled  = $400 + taxes/fees & tip

3 People/sled = $450 + taxes/fees & tip

Options for 3 people:

1 Adult, 2 Small Children 

2 Adults, 1 Small Child 

(If the child is older than 10yrs they will be considered an adult)

3 adults would need at least 2 sleds. We can't put 3 adults on 1 sled. You'd be over the weight limit! 


(doesn't include musher)

Kids needs to be AT LEAST 3 years old to go on ride

We don't offer split rides

This is our most popular ride for people of all ages (3 and older)! Take a ride through beautiful untouched mountains. Each sled will have a guide/musher to help teach you about dogsledding and give you a unique experience. At the half way point you'll get out, take pictures, and pet the dogs!

Apparel: Wear snow pants, boots, hats, and coats. If you don't have snow pants just double layer and make sure you will be warm. Snow googles (optional) although they would be beneficial to have if it's windy or snowy outside.  

   Book Online

   Call for any questions


1 Hour tour

We recommend a minimum of a 15% TIP for each mushers!  They work very hard! 

Suggested tip options are provided for your convenience!

1 Sled/1 HR Tour = $400

       15% - $60.00

       18%- $72.00

       20%- $80.00

We start with a 15% minimum tip on groups with 3 or more sleds. 

All cancellations within 48 hours of the tour will be charged the full amount!! This includes no-shows.

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