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commonly asked questions

Q: How do I book?

A: We are now offering online booking! Click on "Book Now" on the top of each page. If you have any questions please call 435-659-4706.

Q: I requested an Uber and no one is accepting me. If I miss my tour will I still be charged?

A: Yes. It will be considered a No Show and we charge full price. We have mushers getting dogs harnessed and ready to go for your tour and we could have booked that sled with someone else. We suggest using a taxi service/private transportation because they are reliable!

Q: I don't have a car. Do you have a shuttle option?

A: No we don't but we recommend 4 different shuttle companies. I would NOT use Lyft or Uber. They have made many, many people miss their tours which still results in full payment. You can call these 3 numbers to find availability.

Mountain Limousine  888-868-6546

Kevin Ellis 435-655-5644

Day Trips 800-649-8294

Happy To Come Get You 801-631-1245

Q: Is there a deposit or booking fee?

A: There is a $50 per sled NON-REFUNDABLE booking fee (this goes towards the cost of the overall booking). You can either pay in full when you book or pay the deposit and pay the remaining balance the day of either credit card or cash.

Q: Is there a cancellation fee? 

A: When you booked you paid a non-refundable $50 for each sled (this goes towards the overall price). If you cancel 48 hours before your tour there is no additional fee. You will not be refunded your $50 per sled deposit. If you cancel WITHIN 48 hours of your reservation or do not show up the day of we charge FULL price. 

Q: What happens if I arrive late? 

A: We will wait for 5-10 minutes after the hour but if you are later than that we will have to leave. We want to keep on schedule and allow others in the same group the chance to have the full experience. 

Q: If I arrive early what do I do and where do I wait?

A: The address you come to is a residential address (we are a family run business). You will park in front of the parking signs. You can come into the brick/rock office building out front with "Bear Ridge Adventures" on it to sign a liability waiver and to wait for your musher to come get you in the shuttle van. We will then drive you up to the dogs (5 - 10  minutes depending on where we are starting). Please arrive 15 minutes early so you aren't late. 

Q: Can I drive the sled by myself?

A: You will not be able to drive the sled by yourself without a musher. We do have tandem sleds which means one person stands (behind the musher) and one person sits. You are doing all the work the musher is doing so you get that hands on experience! You can take turns half way with the person sitting in the sled and standing up behind the musher. 

Q: I arrived at the house address but there was no snow. Are you sure there is enough snow for dog sledding?

A: We couldn't schedule tours if we didn't have enough snow. If there isn't snow at the house, there is snow up the canyon (higher in elevation)! We will be driving you up the canyon to get to the snow. We will drive you up 5-10 minutes depending on where the good snow is.

Q: Should I bring helmets or snow goggles?

A: Helmets aren't necessary but you can bring them if that makes you feel more comfortable. Only a few people actually wear their helmets. If you have goggles and you'd like to bring them - you can. They would be good to wear if it's snowing, to use as sunglasses, or to protect your face if it's super cold.

Q: Do you offer split rides?

A: No. We have to make it to our turn around spot before we can head back which makes the full 1 hour tour. Our trails do not allow us to turn before that.

Q: When is the best time to go dog sledding?

A: As long as we have snow on our trails we are good to go. We tend to have the most snow between January and February. If you are booking for mid to the end of March book one of the earlier times (9 and 11) because we stop running afternoon tours depending on snow conditions due to the warmer temperatures. We typically start tours the first few weeks of December. Sometimes even in November! 

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