2 Hour Tour

  • On our two hour tour you will dive into the dog sledding world as if you were a musher yourself! You will get the experience of harnessing the dogs, and take a turn driving the sled with the guide. Along with mushing the dogs, your knowledgeable guide will teach you everything you need to know about the dogs. You will get to feed, and spend time working in the kennel. 

  •    $575.00 per sled

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Apparel: Wear snow pants, boots, hats, and coats. If you don't have snow pants just double layer and make sure you will be warm. Snow googles (optional) although they would be beneficial to have if it's windy or snowy outside. 


We recommend a minimum of a 15% TIP for our mushers! That is roughly $50 for your musher (per sled). They work very hard! 

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