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2 Hour Tour

  • On our two hour tour you will dive into the dog sledding world as if you were a musher yourself! It will start with a learning experience of how to harness the dogs and learning about our different dog breeds. Afterwards you will get to harness the dogs, go for a longer tour, and unharness all the dogs after the run. At the half way point, you'll get out to pet the dogs and take pictures!   

  •    $650.00 per sled 

  • plus taxes and fees

  • $700 (if 3 riders)

  • Tip appreciated - for your musher/guide

We don't do split tours


Book Online!

Call for any questions

350 lb. weight limit per sled

Apparel: Wear snow pants, boots, hats, and coats. If you don't have snow pants just double layer and make sure you will be warm. Snow googles (optional) although they would be beneficial to have if it's windy or snowy outside. 

We recommend a minimum of a 15% TIP for each mushers!  They work very hard! 

Suggested tip options are provided for your convenience!

1 Sled/2 HR Tour = $650

       15%- $97.50

18%- $117

       20%- $130

We start with a minimum tip of 15% on groups with 3 or more sleds for 2 hour tours! 

All cancellations within 48 hours of the tour will be charged the full amount!! This includes no-shows.


When you want the full dog sledding experience, you want a two-hour tour with Bear Ridge Adventures, just outside of Park City, Utah. The second hour gives you the chance to interact with the huskies one-on-one, helping to harness and unharness them from the dog sleds and watching them in action. Two-hour tours are perfect for dog lovers and sports enthusiasts.

Our expert mushers love teaching locals and vacationers about dog sledding. You’ll learn some of the history of the sport — which started out as a necessary means of transportation in northern Canada — and how the dogs are bred and trained. On your two-hour dog sled tour, you’ll get to take a turn sitting at the front of the sled or standing behind the musher to enjoy the stunning scenery near Park City.

Dog sledding trips are perfect for couples, families, boys’ or girls’ weekends or even a team-building experience for work. Imagine the memories you’ll create with your loved ones on a two-hour dog sled tour outside of Park City.

As winter activities go, dog sledding tours are a truly extraordinary experience that will make your friends back home jealous. Be sure to take lots of pictures of the snow-capped Wasatch Mountains and pose for some selfies with the huskies.

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