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Please Read If You've Booked a Tour

Thank you for booking your dog sled experience through Bear Ridge Adventures. We are a family run business and we offer a unique dog sled experience. We hook 10 to 12 dogs up per team to handle our more technical trails. Our trails are up a canyon so there are mountains on both sides which many people see wildlife! That's always an added bonus!

What to Expect


-Please arrive 15 minutes before your tour time. (If you booked a 9 am tour you'd arrive at 8:45 am).

-You will arrive at a residential house and park in front of our parking signs!

-We have a brick/rock building where you will go to sign a liability waiver, take care of payment, and wait for a musher to pick you up in our shuttle van. We leave on the hour to head up to the dogs (5 to 10 min drive depending on where we are starting our tours). We run on private property so we will shuttle everyone up. We don't allow anyone to drive up separate.

-Please don't be late. 

-Please use the restroom if you need before leaving because it will be the last chance for bathrooms until you return back to this building

Address: 965 South Hoytsville Rd. Coalville, UT 84017 


Office Building

Parking.   Parking.  Parking


-Please know who is riding in each sled (especially big groups). Reminder: each sled has a 350 pound weight limit.

-Once you arrive to the dogs  you will get in the sleds and begin the tours. Each sled will have a musher (our employee) and they will be able to tell you about the huskies and answer any questions you have about dog sledding. 

-We have tandem sleds which allows one person to stand on the back behind the musher with the other participant sitting in the sled.

Once you get to the turn around spot we will stop, get out of the sleds and allow you to pet and love on the dogs! You can take pictures and enjoy the scenery. If anyone is wanting to switch sitting and standing spots on the sled you'll do that then.

Tandem Sled

1 or 2
people sit

1 person stands



-Once you make it back to the shuttle van you will say goodbye to the dogs and mushers. You can tip your mushers (if you didn't already). We will head back down to the house. There is complimentary hot chocolate in the building once we get back. There will be merchandise for purchase (beanies, hats, hoodies, shirts, keychains, husky stuffed animals, & neck buffs.)

Helpful Info

- If you don't have a vehicle to get to us, do NOT use Uber/Lyft. You will most likely miss your tour.  If you do find someone to take you they WILL NOT come back to pick up. I'm not sure why but it happens every year!!

888-868-6546 (Mountain Limousine)

800-649-8294  (Day Trips)

435-655-5644 (Kevin Ellis)

801-631-1245 (Happy To Come Get You)

-Weight limit per sled: 350 lbs. This is for our dogs safety.

-Any observers or family members not participating will have to wait in the building by the parking area. We will not be able to shuttle them up to the dogs. 

-Dress warm (snow pants, snow boots, hats, coats, and gloves). Many people wear ski googles if it's snowing, keep their face warm on extra cold days, or in place of sunglasses if it's sunny out.

-We have a 48 hour cancellation policy (we charge full price for any sleds cancelled 2 days before your tour). This includes if you fail to arrive due to Uber/Lyft. 

-Because we shuttle you up and back from the dogs, plan on being here up to 30 minutes longer than normal. 1 hour = 1.5 hours total. This accounts for the drive up and back. Our shuttle drive all depends on where we are beginning our tours. It will range from a 5 minute drive up to a 15 minute drive. 

- We recommend a 15% - 20% tip for your musher. We automatically start with a 15% on groups with 3 or more sleds. Our mushers are fun, knowledgeable, and they will really appreciate it. 

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