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Half-Day Tour

$730.00 Per Sled
plus sales tax & tip

For groups of 2 or more sleds.  (2 people per sled) includes harnessing and unharnessing dogs, a long dog sled tour, and lunch afterwards. It's around 3 to 3.5 hours long.
Available after January 15th, 2024

(We run these Monday - Thursday,
No Holidays or Weekends). Check online for select dates. If there's something you'd like and it's not available give us a call.

                       (doesn't include musher)

Apparel: Wear snow pants, boots, coats, hats, and gloves. Snow goggles (optional) although they would be beneficial to have if it's windy, snowy, or sunny outside. 

We recommend a minimum of a 15% TIP for each musher!  They work very hard! 

Suggested tip options are provided

for your convenience!

1 Sled/half day tour = $730

       15% - $109.00

18% - $131.40

We start with a 15% minimum tip per sled on half day tours. 

If there is a date that you want and it's not showing up on the calendar please call me and I'll see what I can do.

Note: When booking half-day tours online it is not automatically confirmed. We will contact you and let you know if it's confirmed after reviewing the order.


When you really want to immerse yourself in the full experience of dog sledding, take a half-day tour with Bear Ridge Adventures, just minutes outside of Park City, Utah. Whether you live in Park City or you’re simply vacationing there, add dog sledding to your list of winter activities in Utah.

Many people enjoy skiing and snowboarding in the mountains of Utah, but not everyone can say they have been dog sledding. Dog sledding, invented in northern Canada as a means of transportation during their long winters, has evolved into a sport as well as a popular winter activity.

You may associate dog sledding with Alaska, where it is more common, but you can go dog sledding right here in Utah. Our expert mushers have many years of experience, and that means you can expect your dog sledding adventure to be safe and fun.

Our half-day dog sled tours last for about three and a half hours and include lunch. Each dog sled has a spot for a passenger to sit in front of the musher and another to stand behind them. You and your travel companion can switch at the halfway point if you choose.

During your half-day dog sled tour, you’ll be able to spend time getting to know the huskies that will be pulling your sled. Our sled dogs are selectively bred and trained to be strong and have lots of stamina. At the same time, these working dogs are friendly and love being around our guests. Your musher will teach you how to harness and unharness the dogs as well as fun facts such as commands for mushing and the what the diets of sled dogs consist of.

Ready to book your half-day dog sled tour? Call Bear Ridge Adventures near Park City today.

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