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Dogsledding is a popular winter activity, but the sport takes work year around. Our incredible animal athletes require constant exercise and training, even when they aren't running in the snow. We have several summer activities available. Here, you can have a hands on experience with our affectionate, hard working dogs. They are waiting to see you!

Summer Cart Runs

Always ran early in the morning or evening, Dry-Land Mushing is a fun way to experience dogsledding in the off season. This includes helping harness the dog teams and taking them for a short training/excercise run on either an ATV or cart. 

$ 75.00 per person


Train a sled dog

The training process for our sled dogs begins for the dogs once they reach 1 year old and continues throughout their life. Every dog is in a different place in the training process.  Harnessing, pulling the line forward, making turns, and working with other dogs. Come learn and train a dog with us!

$ 75.00 per person


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