We start our season once there's enough snow (usually beginning of December)!


Meet the dogs

On your dog sled tour, you will have the chance to meet the dogs that pull our sleds.

These huskies are hard workers, but they are also friendly and eager to meet our guests. We have twelve huskies per team that work with us pulling our dog sleds.

Like working farm animals such as horses, our dogs are a valuable and beloved part of our family, and we treat them as such. You’ll get to see firsthand how much they love being on the team and pulling our guests on the dog sleds.


  •  Convenient location — only 25 minutes from Park City

  • Stunning scenery

  • Skilled, experienced mushers

  • Friendly sled dogs

  • Tours run on privately owned land

  • Family-operated business — five of our employees are family members!

  • Tandem sleds — one person sits and one stands and you can switch spots at the halfway spot.

  • Opportunity to try a unique winter activity

  • Great memories of your dog sled adventure


We recommend a minimum of a 15% TIP for each mushers!  They work very hard! 

Suggested tip options are provided for your convenience!

1 Sled/1 HR Tour = $400

       15% - $60.00

       18%- $72.00

       20%- $80.00

We require an 18% minimum tip on

groups with 3 or more sleds. 

Tandem Sled

1 or 2
people sit

1 person stands



Bear Ridge Adventures is a dog sledding business owned and operated in scenic Summit County Utah. The business was started out of a passion for dog sledding, the animals, and a love of the great outdoors. Our main priority is helping our guests create memories that will last an entire lifetime! We offer sled dog tours during the winter season on privately owned land full of wildlife and rugged scenic mountains. We know you will fall in love with the dogs and the sport. Come out and share our passion of dog sledding!